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What Colours Best Suit Your Website?

Click on any colour:

Colour is symbolism. We say someone who is jealous is "green with envy". Someone who is sad is said to be "blue". When we are angry, we "see red". Colours affect us psychologically. They can stimulate our appetite or suppress it. They can make us happy, excited, angry or sad. We all have the same reaction to colour. It affects our emotions thereby leaving a lasting effect on us when we buy or purchase products.

You created your web design for usability. If you are selling "tarot cards" then consider using mystical, spiritual colours like purples, blues, golds. Put your user in an inspirational mood upon their first click to your site. The colour emotion invoked in your user will be the best stickiness (keeping your user at your website) for your site. If they feel inspired through your colour then they will stay here and read your text or see the crystal ball animated gif sparkling its "Welcome to my Psychic Homepage" sign.

Your web page colours should similarly allow your visitor to read the content, or view photos without strain. So remember your users when choosing your colour scheme since they will be the ones who will click their credit card there.

Tips to stop scaring your visitors and your money straight to the competitor:

  • Make sure you have avoided bright yellow backgrounds.
  • Make your content stand out from the page by using darker colours on light backgrounds. Plus these pages are easier for users to print and read later.
  • Make sure you have allowed busy backgrounds and photos to stand alone. You should not write text across either. It won't get read.
  • Choose larger fonts for text on dark or black backgrounds. Staring at a computer provides enough strain on the eyes. Don't lose a visitor by adding to it.

A Special Note About Using Colours on the Web
Although modern computers are capable of displaying millions of colours on the screen, Web design is limited to only 216 colours. The reason for this is that Mac computers and PC's both use completely different colour palettes. However, they have 216 colours that are common to both. These 216 colours are considered "Web safe". Using the 216 Web safe colours means that your Web site colours will look fairly consistent on different computers (Mac or PC), different operating systems (Windows or Mac), as well as different browsers (Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, to name two).

Colours speak their own language and evoke emotions instantly. Use colours sparingly, yet intelligently, in the creation of your website. Once you understand how to intertwine colours into your site, your sales should increase.

Remember to trust your instincts and first impression when looking at a colour to design your business website.

Recommended Readings:

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by Lynda Weinman

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Tawnya Sutherland, Copyright © 2003
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