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Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist

Certified Internet Marketing Specialist

UBC Certificate in Multi Media Studies

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Mediamage Business Solutions
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Mediamage Marketing Solutions - Your Online Internet Marketing Specialist
  Your Online Certified Internet Marketing Specialist
Turning Clicks Into Cash For Her Clients!

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Certified Virtual Assistant

Internet Marketing Virtual Assistance

When you need more than just a VA ... At Mediamage Business Solutions, we are niched in Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant (IMVA) services. Some businesses just need regular VAs and then there are others that need more specialized VAs to provide advanced virtual assistant services specifically in online marketing.

We are your #1 Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant.

Just type "internet marketing VA" into Google and you will find us at the top of the list! That is because we are the "online marketing specialists".

Our Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant service list is specifically niched around online marketing services. Our in-house Certified Internet Marketing Specialist and Virtual Assistant, Tawnya Sutherland, can develop and implement a full strategic online marketing plan for your business. Every company that promotes on the internet needs a marketing department and hiring an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant can save you the overhead costs of hiring in-house.

We use leading edge technology to communicate work assignments via the Internet, e-mail, disk transfer or such traditional methods as regular mail, overnight shipping and even pick-up and delivery in local areas.

We are highly skilled professionals, Certified in Internet Marketing, who provide Internet Marketing services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, and others to help them have a defined and noticeable business presence online.

Call Mediamage Business Solutions for more details at 604-542-9664.

What is an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant?

An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant (IMVA) is a highly-trained independent entrepreneur who provides a myriad of internet marketing support services via the Internet to meet the growing needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide to help them increase their sales online...Tawnya Sutherland

An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant develops a long term collaborative relationship with businesses online to help them move ahead and succeed in their online marketing plans. IMVA's Virtual Assistants help with many duties from search engine optimization to getting that newsletter out on time that for the business owner are:

  • Subject matter the owner has little if any knowledge of;
  • Tedious extra overflows of marketing work;
  • Time consuming marketing tasks that take up too many hours in their day;
  • Online marketing duties the owner tolerates but doesn’t enjoy doing;
  • Marketing tasks that just don’t interest the owner and on put on the procrastination list-to-do;

These are some of the main reasons why most businesses are still just a foot away from the gold busily digging with their shovel. An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant can help YOU unbury that gold by providing their skilled professionalism to the mix. An IMVA can offer a helping hand to these neglected online marketing areas in your business. YOU can now focus on what YOU do YOU best, running a successful and profitable business.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant?

In this economy, many businesses were forced to make changes such as cutbacks and layoffs. Now many are pondering "How am I going to get this marketing done?"

By utilizing our internet marketing, web development and administrative services, you may NOW have the time to devote to other priority business issues.

No more paying for employee breaks, personal leave, vacation & sick leave or office furniture and space.

Now you can outsource your marketing projects without hiring more employees or temporary help.

No hidden costs, just pay for the services as you go. We offer free quotations and retainer packages individualized to your business needs.

Who would benefit from an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant?

  • Self-Employed Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants, Authors, and Speakers
  • Executives Who Travel
  • New Business Start-ups
  • Small Companies with Limited Resources
  • Large Companies with Periodic Marketing Projects
  • Sales People Who Want That Personal Touch

Anyone who just needs an extra set of marketing hands, ears and eyes to handle the details and offer an objective point of view!

Why Hire an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant?

Office Help from Afar - BusinessWeek - September 2003
More business owners are hiring virtual assistants to handle tasks from bookkeeping to buying gifts for Mom.

Let's say one month you may have many more marketing projects than another or maybe you are just going on holidays and have no time to promote the business online that month. An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant is much less expensive than hiring a full-time marketing employee who doesn't get used to their full potential. Your business also benefits because you do not have to worry about providing employee benefits such as insurance, benefits, vacations, etc. Plus you have your own online marketing specialist at your beck and call!

Finally, office space and equipment are provided at the expense of us, Mediamage Business Solutions, your Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant, which again saves you money.

Call Mediamage Business Solutions for more details at 604-542-9664.

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