Retainers and Packages

Desire a full-time online marketing specialist but can’t afford to hire one in-house? Choose the Mediamage Team to service all your Internet Marketing business needs.

*First time clients require a minimum 10 hour retainer to get started to allow us the time to get to know your business and actually help you turn clicks into cash for your website. After the initial 10 hours, we can then decide on a maintenance rate of 10-40+ hours per month dependent upon your business online marketing plan we put into place. Each client occasionally has different needs and requires niche service plans. In cases like this, we at Mediamage Marketing Solutions will work together with you to come up with a monthly plan that is a win/win for both our businesses. All retainer plans must sign a contract as per Mediamage Business Solutions’s policies.

If you don’t see a package to suite your needs just ask us to put together a package quote for you.